‘Gods & Dogs’ – Outdoor Theatre with The Rudes – Wednesday 22 June

In this hilarious new musical allegory set in 2084, the story follows Tina who
enters ‘Marriage Maker’, a ‘telepavision’ gameshow. The idea of the game is if
you win you get to marry the super-glamorous footballer, Harry Best, on the
Saturday, have a weekend of love, then divorce him on the Monday. ‘All the
fun & no ties!’ as the compere, Rich Nobb, puts it. Unfortunately, Tina makes
the mistake of falling in love when she wins & doesn’t want to divorce.
Doreen, her best friend, has her own opinion, but then the Mind Police might
get to her first & send her to the wolves on the ‘Other Side’. Will Tina get
Harry to love her? Will Doreen be ‘disappeared’ by the Mind Police? You’ll
need to be there to find out!

The Rude Mechanical Theatre Company have developed their own unique
style after twenty-three years on the road, but it is heavily influenced by
the Italian Renaissance theatre of the commedia dell’arte. You will know
of course of characters like Harlequin and Colombine; you may not know
that it was the first ever professional theatre and used actors who were also
musicians and combined acting and speaking out the story with the singing
of songs.

We tend to distinguish ‘straight theatre’ from musicals today, but in fact
the simplifying of the script and the expanding of the musical content
is a modern American development derived from early comic operas. In
the meantime, combining music with theatre was also carried forward in
America by vaudeville, which itself goes back to English music hall and
touring companies like that of Fred Karno who first took Charlie Chaplin and
Stan Laurel to America.

Although the Rude Mechanicals’ shows are full of music they are not
influenced by ‘the musical’ but by a style that preempts it by four hundred
years. The most important influence is the music filled commedia tradition,
which fed not only the Harlequinade, pantomime, music hall, vaudeville and
silent movie, and even the ballet. In fact, the Rudes only employ actors who
are also musicians

Egerton Park, Egerton Road, Bexhill-on-Sea TN39 3HN
Start 7.30pm.
Visit www.therudemechanicaltheatre.co.uk
or ring 01323 501260 for more details.